The below email was sent to all the email addresses that were available 1/14/2003. At that time, there were approximately 175 addresses. Approximately 25 of the emails were returned -- most because they were no longer active. "Email returned" was then inserted into the email address field of the individual's database record.

------------- 1/14/2003

Electra High School Ex-Students. Perhaps you know; perhaps you don't know. Reasonably firm plans are in place for a homecoming "event" later this year, probably Sept 26/27, for the Electra High School senior classes of 1950 -- the classes of 1950 through 1959. The event is being tentatively referred to as "The Fabulous Fifties." Hardly original, of course. But it does seem to fit. This email does NOT intend to address the details of that event. This email is being sent to approximately 175 members of the referenced classes, and is intended to elicit your help to contact as many of the "qualified" persons as possible. When we are satisfied that we have as many persons as we can identify/locate, the specifics of the event will be sent to you -- and everyone else that we can contact.

Presumably (since you appear to have an email address), you may also have Internet access. If possible, please click on the below URL. If your computer can load and display the associated data, please review the list for accuracy and completeness. The list currently contains the available information for the classes of '50 - '56 and '58 - '59. Information for the class of '57 is being developed and may be in the file by the time you receive this email. Hopefully the data in the list will be reasonably self-explanatory. The information in the list should be approximately as follows (some of the information may not be available for every person):

First Name (and perhaps maiden name). Last name. Year of graduation.
City, State Zip Code
Phone Number. Cell phone number.
Email address
Spouse name
Deceased information (with date, where available).

If you cannot display .pdf (Adobe) files, you may wish to display the data by using the following file:

Additions and corrections that you submit should, ideally, include as much of the above information as is possible. We are also prepared to store information concerning a personal Website. Website addresses should be for personal, family-related information, or for non-profit use only.

Before sending corrections or changes for the classes of 1957, please wait until the information regarding that class is made available in the referenced list. Check back periodically for updates or to see if your additions/corrections have been placed in the list. If you know who has been handling/collecting your class's address information in the past, please forward the information to them. Only in the event that you do not have even the remotest idea who your class's coordinator is, send the information to [email protected] It's not always obvious; the address is arden, underscore character, warner at yahoo dot com.

Thank you. In addition to the above request for help, you might find the information contained in the list to be interesting. Please do not use the information in the list for any other purpose than the purpose stated herein. Use of the information, for other than the intended purpose, will be a serious breach of faith and confidence. Don't do it.

Please ignore/accept -- as you wish -- subsequent similar emails. As the list of email addresses expands, we may send updates to this email to everyone on the list. Therefore, you may receive more than one of these emails. Just delete them. We apologize in advance.

Arden Warner

[email protected]

100 S Central St
Electra, TX 76360