" A Sparkle In The Dust"

Only the earth and a few scattered trees
Were to fill the space and wait for the breeze

Footsteps came slowly and then there were more
The Quite was broken and the voices did soar

Creations started and for a time was so grand
We grew and we laughed on this gracious sand

Winds of change came swiftly but surely
The tracks of the tiger pass more demurely

As a glow in the hearth that waits for that breeze
To recapture the moments as we bend our knees

From our hearts come a call we can not ignore
What we took away we try to restore

The name we remember is Electra you see
As the sparkle in the dust calls out to me

Slowly at first like a child so shy
A twinkle that moves and jumps and now cry

That sparkle in the dust that will not die
Will soon be a flame you can not deny

Electra, Electra, our roots that we know
Our love and our caring we come back to show

Somehow the motions of time become clear
Let"s do it now instead of next year

From where we did start we come back to gather
Like a family dismantled through all the bad weather

For us, for our children, for our past and our future .

Glenda L. Reis --class of  1958

Glenda has recently completed a book. It is about her last
18 years as a professional nanny. She says that "The book
won't be of interest to all readers, but it explains what a nanny
is -- and what a nanny can be -- and it is also about my life as
a person. It was a fun book to write. It is NOT about potty
training. It is more about the funny things that happened during
my work and while traveling to Europe."

It will be available on line in the near future. Trafford
Publishing will provide a web page soon.

caw 9/13/2003